Our products

“Our objective is to provide the most reliable, safe and flexible elevator controllers in the industry. My team is made up of qualified and passionate individuals who take the particular needs of our clients to heart.”

Rémi Rodrigue


ROBUST, RELIABLE, FLEXIBLE.  That’s what users expect from the public transit systems they use every day. And it’s what Transit Managers should be demanding from their elevator and escalator suppliers. But a lack of standardization in the Transit market sector has slowed the adoption rate of new features and best practices in this otherwise forward-thinking environment.

To address this situation, we’ve developed a product line dedicated to the needs of the public transit industry that capitalizes on our more than 35 years of experience in the elevator industry and over 15 years of public transit projects.

Designed to answer the needs of high-volume, high-peak installations that need to minimize downtime and maintenance costs, we make things easier for everyone involved in the design, construction and maintenance of elevator and escalator projects in Transit & airport facilities. Our controllers make things easier.