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“Our objective is to provide the most reliable, safe and flexible elevator controllers in the industry. My team is made up of qualified and passionate individuals who take the particular needs of our clients to heart.”

Rémi Rodrigue

JSC Series with DC Drive for Passengers and Freight

The NON-PROPRIETARY controllers of the JSC series have been designed to control elevators using continuous current motors of the geared or gearless type. Designed using industrial programmable logic controllers, a type of processor known for its reliability, durability and flexibility, these controllers are also easy to modify in the field by a technician. A human-machine interface, included in each controller, allows easy access to a list of user-configurable options and to more than 100 status indicators used for troubleshooting.




PLC-based, closed-loop SCR controller for elevators with speeds of up to 400 ft. /min.


PLC-based, closed-loop SCR controller equipped with a POSI-1000 high performance module for elevators with speeds of up to 1000 ft. /min.