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“Our objective is to provide the most reliable, safe and flexible elevator controllers in the industry. My team is made up of qualified and passionate individuals who take the particular needs of our clients to heart.”

Rémi Rodrigue

Monitoring System(JMON Web)

Automatisation JRT is proud to present its new remote monitoring system for elevators and escalators, J-MON web is the result of years of experience in process control and software development.

Our monitoring system is developed and designed by our Software Division. Thanks to the latest technologies available J-MON web can be adapted to each of your specific needs.

With more than 2000 successful installations, we took the challenge to redesigned from the ground up our first-generation monitoring software to an outstanding level of flexibility for maintenance and operation people like you.



  • Deliver a great customer experience at every interaction and stand-out from the competition
  • Collaborate effectively with your team to deliver maximum elevators & escalators accessibility
  • Gain deep customer insight in real-time and guide your crew to the right solution fastest
  • Be productive on the road and orchestrate the end-to-end customer journey with ease
  • Be secured, private and always connected with your data either on Cloud or Local Server.