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“Our objective is to provide the most reliable, safe and flexible elevator controllers in the industry. My team is made up of qualified and passionate individuals who take the particular needs of our clients to heart.”

Rémi Rodrigue

High Performance Positioning Module (POSI-1000)

The POSI-1000 positioning module was developed to meet the highest performance requirements. It optimizes a car’s speed according to the distance to be travelled. The POSI-1000 module offers three optimization profiles: energy conservation, comfort and performance. These profiles give the POSI-1000 unparalleled flexibility. It can also be used to calibrate the car’s position when it arrives at a floor to the nearest sixteenth of an inch, and each floor position can be adjusted individually. The user interface allows easy management of each parameter and allows them to be saved and transferred in any other POSI-1000 module, which saves time when installing a group of elevators. The POSI-1000 module can be paired with JVF and JSC series controllers to allow them to optimize their performance at any speed.