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“Our objective is to provide the most reliable, safe and flexible elevator controllers in the industry. My team is made up of qualified and passionate individuals who take the particular needs of our clients to heart.”

Rémi Rodrigue


The AL•GO Series are NON-PROPRIETARY controllers designed to simplify installation startup, minimize operational downtime and maximize the overall reliability, no matter the scale of the project.

The AL•GO controllers are based on programmable logic controllers (PLC) known for their performance, reliability, durability and flexibility of their processors.

AL•GO new close loop control system allows first in class position accuracy, great stability and smooth but fastest ride for best passenger comfort experience.

Meet AL•Fred

AL•GO comes with AL•Fred, a Smart Graphic Interface allowing real time elevator status assessments, fastest startup settings and effortless commissioning.

AL•Fred offers optional WIFI connectivity bringing on demand configuration changes, car calls and landing adjustments via smart phone.

AL•Fred offers to elevator mechanics being assisted in real time by JRT technicians
via cellular connection sharing, therefore facilitating diagnosis, corrective actions and program updates by being online with the controller’s PLC.