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1255, rue du Blizzard, suite 100
Québec (Québec) G2K 0A1



On July 10, Automatisation JRT moved in its brand-new facilities at 1255 rue Blizzard in Quebec. Located in the center of Quebec City, our geographic position is strategic in order to facilitate accessibility to our parts counter for our customers. Completely designed and build based on 2020 production standards, our

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Temporary Relocation

TEMPORARY RELOCATION May 1st 2020 should have been marked as the date when JRT was taking possession of its brand-new facilities. Unfortunately, the interruption of the construction because of the Covid-19 epidemic and our inability to be able to postpone our current lease beyond this date, therefore obliges us to

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Nomination of MR. Stéphane Lessard as software director

NOMINATION OF MR. STÉPHANE LESSARD AS SOFTWARE DIRECTOR Automatisation JRT Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Stéphane Lessard as Director of its Software Department. The experience acquired in recent years at both JRT and his previous jobs makes him the best candidate to lead our activities in

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